You don’t need special gear to create this optical trickery. If you have an iPhone 11 or 12 you too can loom large over a former US president

Hi Carly. As our resident photography expert, I have a question. Something about this photo featuring Joe and Jill Biden and former president Jimmy Carter and former first lady Rosalynn Carter seems … off?

It sure does. Where to begin … The scale of Biden v Rosalynn is very unusual – he looks three times the size of her and even though the natural physical changes during old age may be playing a role here, I don’t think ageing shrinks you that much. Also, the scale of Jimmy Carter’s feet compared to the rest of his body is weird – sort of like a reverse statue of David. Finally, notice the lounge chairs, they look like they are from a doll’s house. That seems unlikely.

We’re pleased to share this wonderful photo from the @POTUS and @FLOTUS visit to see the Carters in Plains, Ga.!

Thank you President and Mrs. Biden!

Why do The Carter’s look like miniatures?! They are amazing wonderful people The proportions here are off somehow. Who else agrees?!

In a desperate attempt to connect with the average Australian, Bill Shorten has grown a mullet. #auspol

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