Biden's fury over the special counsel report

A special counsel report on President Biden concluded that he would not be charged for mishandling sensitive documents. Yet the report painted a scathing picture of the president’s memory, refueling attacks on his mental agility as he faces reelection.

S&P 500 closes above 5,000 for first time amid stock market rally

Breaking 5,000 is unlikely to slow the index’s rise, experts say as reports highlight resilient US economyUS stock markets hit another historic high on Friday, with the S&P 500 closing above 5,000 for the first time.The broad-based index of the largest and...

Grading Biden’s Big Law

The climate-focused Inflation Reduction Act is popular with businesses. But its cost is expected to double over the next decade, and its outlook is uncertain.

Who tanked the border bill? – podcast

Illegal immigration via the US-Mexico border remains one of the most pressing problems for Congress. And yet the much anticipated $118bn border security bill, which included aid packages to Ukraine and Israel, was blocked by senators after a chaotic week. Why did this...

Israeli offensive on Gaza 'over the top', says Biden – video

The US president has said Israel's offensive on Gaza has been 'over the top' – his sharpest criticism yet of Tel Aviv's conduct during the war. As Joe Biden took questions on the special counsel’s report investigating his possession of classified documents, he said:...

‘My Memory Is Fine,’ President Biden Says

The president defended his ability to serve when questioned by reporters on his memory and age during a news conference hours after a special counsel cleared him of criminal charges in the handling of classified documents.

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