• New York congresswoman replaces Cheney as GOP conference chair
  • Cheney was removed for criticizing Donald Trump’s election lie

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This is Lauren Aratani taking over for Jo Walters. Speaking for the first time after her election as the new Republican conference chair, Elise Stefanik railed against the “far-left, radical, socialist” policies under Joe Biden, saying that Biden has caused an economic and border crisis. She also said that America “is seeing our strongest ally, Israel, under attack” and criticized the Biden administration for not responding appropriately.

Perhaps most notably, Stefanik specifically thanked Donald Trump, saying “he is a critical part of our Republican team”.

“President Trump is the leader they look to,” Stefanik says when asked if Trump is the leader of the GOP.

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It’s official. Elise Stefanik has it.

My statement as the newly elected House GOP Conference Chair. pic.twitter.com/emb6lNxPRm

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Looks like we have the result.

NEWS: Stefanik wins race to replace Cheney

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Shouldn’t be long now then. Votes being tallied on GOP House members’ choice to replace the ousted Liz Cheney in the No.3 spot in the chamber. The position of conference chair.

Voting done – staff calculating the results of the secret ballot vote. https://t.co/mFJLAoGV6Y

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Here’s a sliver of gossip from CNN.

A source familiar tells CNN this morning that Rep. John Katko will give the nominating speech for Stefanik. Notable Katko voted for impeachment and was a Cheney ally.

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Wyoming congresswoman Liz Cheney, booted from her post as GOP House conference chair two days ago, has just been on New Hampshire Today live radio show, moments before her colleagues gathered to vote on her successor for the House GOP No. 3 post.

Following on from the news from an NBC interview with her that aired on Thursday morning, where she signaled – ie didn’t deny – that she would run for president if that was what it took to keep Donald Trump out of the Oval Office in future, she’s commented further.

NEW: On @NHTodayShow, @RepLizCheney is asked about running for president in 2024:

“What I’m focused on right now is helping to rebuild the party … not something I’m focused on … not ruling it in or out.”#fitn #NHPolitics

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The vote to oust Liz Cheney two days ago was over so quickly some House Republicans hadn’t even arrived in the room where it was happening by the time it was over.

GOP huddle should be going on now on the Hill.

Representative Chip Roy of Texas, a strident conservative, will run against Representative Elise Stefanik of New York for the No. 3 House Republican leadership position, a move of protest reflecting unhappiness among hard-right lawmakers with the congresswoman party leaders anointed to replace Representative Liz Cheney.

Mr. Roy’s decision, reported earlier by Politico and confirmed by two officials familiar with the plans, comes as the Texas Republican, a former chief of staff to Senator Ted Cruz, also of Texas, had vented frustration about what he cast as Ms. Stefanik’s insufficient conservative credentials and party leaders’ rush to install her shortly after deposing Ms. Cheney for her unwillingness to stay quiet about former President Donald J. Trump’s election lies.

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Good morning, live blog readers – it’s a hot Friday on the Hill and that’s nothing to do with the weather. It’s going to be a lively day, so buckle up.

Here’s what’s afoot in Washington and beyond.

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