Hillary Clinton is facing uncertainty about her wellness and battling “self-inflicted headwinds.” Donald Trump is still seen as a riskier choice. And the candidates’ supporters disagree over just how great America is. This is HuffPollster for Friday, September 16, 2016.

VOTERS HAVE BECOME MORE CONCERNED ABOUT CLINTON’S HEALTH – HuffPollster: “Hillary Clinton is back on the campaign trail after a weekend bout with pneumonia, but the episode left many Americans unsure about the state of her health, a new HuffPost/YouGov survey finds…. just 39 percent of Americans currently believe that Clinton is in good enough physical condition to effectively serve as president for the next four years, according to the poll. A nearly equal 38 percent say she isn’t in good enough condition, and 23 percent say they are unsure. That marks a significant shift from just over a week ago, when an Economist/YouGov survey posing the same question found that 52 percent of Americans believed Clinton was in good enough shape, 33 percent didn’t think she was and 16 percent didn’t know….Republicans have long been willing to cast aspersions on Clinton’s health, but until recently, those attacks seemed to have little resonance beyond those already disinclined to vote for her. The latest survey, however, shows increased uncertainty among some of her supporters. Although 64 percent of Democrats said in the most recent poll that Clinton was in good enough condition, that’s down 20 points from the previous survey. Few believe outright that she is unhealthy, but more now say that they’re not sure.” [HuffPost]



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