South Carolina governor chosen to be Samantha Power’s replacement and is the first woman named for a top-level Trump administration post

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Each year the turkeys up for presidential pardon come from an out-of-state farm. This year the turkey pair Tater and Tot are traveling from Iowa. The presidential turkey has its own Twitter feed. Check it out

The Domino Family: 4th generation Iowan farmers, 9 years raising turkeys, & caretakers of the Presidential Flock. #TurkeyPardon2016

The holiday tradition continues as The Willard welcomes two special guests, Tater and Tot, as they prepare for #TurkeyPardon2016

Today President Obama will pardon the National Thanksgiving Turkey. Yesterday I found Tater & Tot in their hotel suite @WillardHotel.

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Jesus wept.

INBOX from President-Elect Trump: Get your Trump Christmas ornament. #MAGA

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In a sure addition to the holiday spirits of everyone, Donald Trump will appear today to deliver a Thanksgiving message, his transition team says.

It’s not yet known when Trump will appear. He’s at his Mar-a-Lago place in Palm Beach, Florida, where he’s spending the weekend.

[Trump’s spokespeople] did not elaborate on the president-elect’s activities today, saying the Trump family expects “some degree of privacy” during the holidays.

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Hello, and welcome to our live-wire coverage of Donald Trump’s transition to the White House. Know-it-all Newt Gingrich has said that Trump’s bedimpled son-in-law, Jared Kushner, may need an “anti-nepotism” waiver to continue working with Trump, who told the New York Times yesterday that Kushner might achieve peace in the Middle East. (Trump seemed serious.)

“I think they would have to get a waiver to the anti-nepotism law,” Gingrich said on Fox News on Wednesday, in comments snagged by Politico. “That might be a little tricky, although I think if they worked at it, they could do it.”

“It was a pretty easy pick, really, for the president elect” @JasonMillerinDC says of Haley

Asked about Nikki Haley’s diplomatic qualifications, Jason Miller cites her “overseas trade and business recruitment missions”

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Instead of any more takes on @realDonaldTrump, just please constantly share and re-share this gif.

In today’s @playbookplus, BANNON meets with CUBAN

DJ Rick Perry during Vanilla Ice’s performance on #DWTS tonight

Rick Perry had hoped to make it to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Instead, he only made it to A1A Beachfront Avenue

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