Biden has shown he will serve US interests. And ‘global Britain’, out of the EU, has been shown up as a ship adrift without a compass

  • Lord Ricketts is a former national security adviser

The 9/11 terrorist attacks catapulted the US and UK into a more intensive period of security partnership than any event since the second world war. Tony Blair was the first world leader to visit Ground Zero in New York. He and George Bush shared the same burning conviction that the scale of the atrocity created a new reality.

They both saw the “war on terror” as an ideological struggle for the values which would shape the new century. This conviction carried Blair into volunteering Britain as the first lead nation for the Nato mission in Afghanistan in late 2001.

Lord Ricketts is a former national security adviser and former permanent secretary at the Foreign Office, and author of Hard Choices: What Britain Does Next

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