Let’s dig deeper into the two polls that came out over the weekend and amount to a mixed bag for the Democratic party as they face losing control of potentially both house of Congress in the upcoming midterm.

First, the headline: voters in the NBC News poll are split over which party they’d prefer to see in charge of Congress, with 46% each backing the GOP and Democrats. That, however is an improvement from August, when Republicans had a slight edge. GOP voters do lead in terms of enthusiasm, but not by much, which is a reversal from the double-digit lead they had earlier this year.

News just broke that the Biden administration won the release of the last American hostage in Afghanistan, swapping him for a jailed Taliban drug lord.

Biden is departing London after attending the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II and is heading back to Washington.

Kevin McCarthy, the House Republican leader who could soon be the chamber’s next speaker, is unveiling the GOP’s “commitment to America” at an event in Pittsburgh.

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