Mitt Romney may soon be faced with a dilemma. If Donald Trump offers him the job of secretary of State, should Mitt take it? Normally this wouldn’t even be an open question, much less a dilemma. The position is one of the most prestigious in the federal government, and any career politician would jump at the chance to fill it, in normal times. But this is Donald Trump’s administration we’re talking about, which will complicate Romney’s choice (to put it mildly).

Mitt Romney was one of the most vocal — and most scathing — critics of Donald Trump during the campaign. He wasn’t afraid to say exactly what he thought of Trump, in no uncertain terms. Romney let it be known that he thought Trump was patently unqualified to lead the country, and he warned his fellow Republicans not to vote for such a charlatan. The voters didn’t listen, of course, but it’s pretty obvious what Romney thinks about Trump — and his election to the presidency has likely not changed Mitt’s opinion much at all. So to accept the job would mean working for the same man Romney was warning America about, not too long ago. Maybe Mitt could grow a beard and just give up shaving, so he wouldn’t have to face himself in the mirror every morning.


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