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This shouldn’t be news. But after secretary of state Mike Pompeo talked after the election about a “smooth transition” tiny pause, smirk “to a second Trump administration”, we now see an effective acknowledgement of a changing of the guard in Washington, DC.

Questioned at an event about his legacy in the Trump administration, Pompeo gave a fulsome and plain answer that was all about leaving office.

While the president is trying to change the results of the election, @SecPompeo seems to be openly admitting reality. Asked about his legacy, starts by saying “we are leaving— after four years…” pic.twitter.com/A2yAZfpiYd

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Good morning, US live blog readers. It’s G-Day! The Georgia runoffs that will determine two US Senate seats and the balance of power in the senate overall after November’s close elections. There will be lots of action in US politics today so please stay with us as we bring you live developments.

And, importantly, we are running this blog non-stop for the next 24 hours to reflect the vital news from Georgia. Do stay tuned for our bloggers as we hand the baton over to each other around the clock.

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