Former president’s allies launch Super Pac to funnel millions to Maga Republicans as speculation about White House run grows

It’s no secret that Donald Trump would like to run for the White House again. The bigger question is when will he announce a 2024 campaign? Reports in recent weeks emphasize that Democrats would love if he did so before the midterms, so they can once again remind voters of the GOP’s ties to the polarizing former president.

The announcement of MAGA, Inc., the new super PAC run by Trump’s allies, doesn’t answer that question, but it does show that the former president is willing to work to get the lawmakers he wants elected in the Senate and elsewhere. That’s welcome news for Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell, the GOP leaders of the House and Senate, respectively, who hope voters will give them a majority following the 8 November midterms.

House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy will debut the party’s “Commitment to America” platform as he hopes for a return to the majority in Congress’s lower chamber.

Trump will hold a rally in North Carolina at 7 pm eastern time, where we could hear more about his plans for the midterms.

Elton John performs at the White House at 8 pm this evening, where president Joe Biden will also give remarks.

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