US vice-presidential candidates debate tonight; Nobel prize for physics awarded for work on exotic states of matter; Hurricane Matthew kills one in Haiti

Donald Trump supporters were treated to lengthy expositions on the 1990s real estate market and tax planning strategies on Monday as the Republican candidate sought to quell mounting unease over his financial past. “The unfairness in the tax laws is unbelievable,” he told an evening rally in Loveland, Colorado, following suggestions he could have escaped paying taxes for nearly two decades thanks to declaring $916m in losses. Earlier his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton said he was “taking from America with both hands and leaving the rest of us with the bill” and represented “the same rigged system that he claims he’s going to change”. Clinton continued: “How anyone can lose a dollar, let alone a billion dollars, in the casino industry is beyond me.” His charitable foundation was on Monday ordered to suspend its fundraising in New York immediately for violating state law, the New York attorney general’s office said.

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