This week, we look at how the reality of what Brexit actually means for UK-EU trade is crashing down on ordinary Britons and small businesses.

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It’s been a month since the UK formally left the European Union and, for many consumers and small companies, the realisation of what Brexit actually means is hitting home. In this week’s cover story, Toby Helm meets the business owners who have realised that, in order for trade with customers in EU countries to remain viable, they will have to set up shop in the bloc at the expense of investing in the UK. As the complicated realities of post-Brexit life sink in for the public, will they also sink in for the politicians that pushed Britain’s departure?

We reported last year on the disaster in Manaus, the capital of Brazil’s Amazonas state, where nearly 100 people a day were dying of Covid. Sadly, the city is facing a second coronavirus disaster, with hospitals running out of oxygen and a new strain of the virus, which has already spread beyond the city. This week, Tom Phillips reports on the “massacre” in a city that has already suffered more than most. We also look at how a lockdown in Chad has become tangled with the politics of a presidential election, before Nick Evershed crunches the numbers on what the South African and UK Covid strains mean for the spread of the virus.

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