President will give address on racial equality this afternoon after Senators are sworn in for Trump impeachment

10.08am GMT

Joe Biden has frequently cited racial equity as one of the crises that his incoming administration promises to tackle. Today the new president will attempt to take further concrete steps to addressing it, with a speech at 2pm EST (7pm GMT) and some executive orders. Stephen Collinson at CNN runs down what is expected:

Biden on Tuesday will sign executive actions establishing a commission on policing, partly in response to the death of Minnesota man George Floyd with a policeman’s knee on his neck last year.

He is also expected to order improvements in prison conditions and to mandate the Department of Housing and Urban Development to promote equitable housing policies.

10.01am GMT

Hi, welcome to our live coverage of US politics for Tuesday. There won’t be anything like the high drama of yesterday’s delivery of the article of impeachment to the Senate, but there’s still plenty going on. Here’s a catch up on where we are, and what we might expect to see

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