President has promised US will re-engage globally after isolationist Trump era

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Joe Biden will today give his first speech outlining his foreign policy goals since taking office. He’s already sent some clear signals that there is an end to the isolationist Trump era by rejoining the Paris climate agreement, renewing the New Start nuclear treaty with Russia, but also facing immediate crises with the coup in Myanmar and Russia’s treatment of Alexei Navalny and his supporters.

Today’s speech had actually been due to take place on Monday, but it was pushed back due to the heavy snowfall that affected the north-east of the US earlier this week.

Grateful for the short commute on days like these.

Making his first stop at the state department, rather than the Pentagon or CIA, is meant to underscore Biden’s renewed focus on repairing American alliances and using diplomacy as a tool abroad, an official said.

While his speech is not expected to outline in detail the specifics of a new strategy on China, Iran, North Korea, Russia or other US adversaries, he will seek to frame his foreign policy around shoring up alliances and returning to multilateralism after the Trump administration, which was marked by unilateral actions and disdain for traditional diplomacy.

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