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Before leaving for Wisconsin, Joe Biden praised the bipartisan infrastructure framework on Twitter, describing it as an unprecedented federal investment in public transit, clean energy development and clean water access.

Let’s be clear about how big a deal the Bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is. It’s the largest federal investment in:

– Public transit
– Clean energy transmission
– Clean drinking water

In American history.

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Joe Biden previewed his remarks in Wisconsin today with an Yahoo News op-ed celebrating the bipartisan infrastructure framework.

“The Infrastructure Deal is part of my economic strategy that, taken as a whole, will help create millions of jobs for years to come and add trillions of dollars in economic growth,” the president wrote in the op-ed, which was published last night.

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Greetings from Washington, live blog readers.

Joe Biden is traveling to La Crosse, Wisconsin, today to sell the bipartisan framework for an infrastructure bill to the American people.

White House counselor Steve Ricchetti’s message to moderate senators late last week was an effort to be soothing: President Biden will clarify that he didn’t mean it when he said he wouldn’t sign a bipartisan infrastructure deal unless it was accompanied by a more sweeping liberal bill.

By Monday, it was liberal Democrats who were getting placating calls from senior White House officials, who sought to ease any concerns about Biden’s infrastructure ambitions and explain what the president meant in his remarks. Further discussions were planned for Tuesday with the Congressional Progressive Caucus.

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