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Biden Urges Congress to Suspend Gas Tax for 3 Months

As fuel prices soar in the U.S., President Biden called on Congress to temporarily lift the federal gas tax — about 18 cents per gallon of gasoline and 24 cents per gallon of diesel — through the end of September....

Biden to urge Congress to suspend gas tax for three months

Prices could drop by about $1 per gallon at the pumps if measures are adopted but experts question effectiveness of gas tax holidaysJoe Biden will call on Congress today to temporarily suspend federal gasoline and diesel taxes in an attempt to quell voter anger at the...

Biden to announce tax on billionaires in 2023 budget plan – report

President’s ‘tax on richest 700 Americans’ may face opposition from conservative DemocratsJoe Biden is set to announce a tax aimed at US billionaires as part of his 2023 budget plans on Monday in a move that will likely delight many progressives in his party but could...
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