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Biden Says ‘Ground Is Not Ripe’ for Mideast Peace Talks

President Biden’s comments Friday about a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict drew a mixed response. He cautioned Palestinians on starting new peace talks after announcing new steps toward Israeli integration within the Middle East....

Russia sends ships, tanks and troops to Ukraine as peace tals

With negotiations deadlocked, Moscow is continuing to build up its military forces for a possible invasionRussia has sent troops more than 4,000 miles to Ukraine’s borders and announced sweeping naval drills as Moscow expands its preparations for a potential attack on...

Afghanistan: time for a different, peaceful course | Letters

Readers on 20 years of the ‘war on terror’, the withdrawal of western forces and the rapid return of the TalibanThe fall of Kabul this week dramatically underlines the extent to which the “war on terror” – launched by George Bush and Tony Blair 20 years ago – has...
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